New Tribe Of Baldwin Brothers Discovered In Chile


A new indigenous Baldwin tribe has been discovered in the south west corner of Chile earlier this week.

This is the second known tribe of the Baldwin race to be discovered in the last fifty years, Survival International said today.

John Clementine, the director of the group, which lends support to thousands of tribes across the globe, said such races would “soon become extinct” if they were not quickly westernised and groomed for the movie industry.

He also said that although this particular tribe of Baldwin is increasing in number, others in the United States are starting to disappear at an alarming rate. This fact due to their exhausted reality TV appearances and endless B-movie type castings.

Head tribes specialist of Survival International, Martin Freeman, stated today: “We are seeing more and more of the Baldwin race falling to the ill’s of modern day celebritism. It is sad to see, and there is not much we can do about it. Fortunately, for now, we have found this never before contacted tribe in southern Chile. We must not waste any more time. We need to tame these savages and get them ready for the big screen. Hopefully we will get another forty years of movie magic. But who’s to say, there may yet still be other Baldwins out there somewhere. God willing.”

Several photos were taken of the tribe in their native village, which is located in one of the most remote parts of south America.

The pictures show Baldwin tribe members outside thatched huts, surrounded by the dense jungle.

Scientists believe that disease could be a risk factor, as members of the other Baldwin tribe have been known to fall prey to alcoholism and drug abuse much like their aboriginal cousins.