Dead Irish Man To Star In CSI Miami Episode


DEAD Irish student John Stevens will star in an up and coming CSI Miami episode later this year, just two days after his untimely death, it was revealed yesterday.

The 28-year-old mature student, who was killed when he fell from a three story balcony, will have a cameo role in the episode called ‘Party Fever’ which is due to air in Ireland later this Autumn. This will be the second episode in the seventh season and producer Corey Miller promises plenty of action and suspense.

Stevens will be accompanied by an American car crash victim named Taylor Keenan who was also killed in the earlier part of last week. Taylor died instantly when her car collided into a tree just outside her New Jersey home.

Both Taylor and John will be used in the autopsy scene and will get to rub shoulders with the programmes hottest stars.

“Its a great opportunity” said mother Clare Stevens.

“He used to watch that show religiously every week. When I found out he was killed I was absolutely devastated. But then yesterday I got the call from the shows producers. They said John signed up to become an extra on the show in the unlikely event of his death. I knew that this is what he would have wanted, so I signed him over.” she added.

Mr Stevens was found dead outside his apartment block in Kiliney, south county Dublin, earlier this week. Gardai stated that he must have accidentally stumbled over the  balcony and fell 40 feet to his death.

Johns body is to be flown out to Miami tomorrow morning for his first day of shooting.

WWN wishes him all the best on his new venture.