Man In Pub Argument Doesn’t Get Why You’re So Worked Up About Needless Death & Suffering


UNABLE to resist chiming in after hearing a fellow punter express their complete listlessness to a friend as yet another day of death and destitution unfolds in Gaza, pub patron and lingering bad smell Barry Furlong found this display of empathy ridiculous and twee.

“No point getting worked up, not like you can do anything,” confirmed regular Furlong, revealing his foolproof strategy for enjoying his pints without any lingering acknowledgement of the outside world.

“Sure what good does getting upset about it do you, jaysus they’ve been at that sort of craic since I was in nappies,” added Furlong, belittling the very concept of letting something like the death of 37,000 people penetrate your consciousness and actual give you pause.

“If we all bleated on about it, where would that leave us, am I right?” continued Furlong, casting his gaze around the pub in the hope of enlisting more punters who would share in his belief that if you’re going to insist on bringing such things up in the local, prepare to be told this is just how the world works.

“No I don’t need to see a video, ha, oh deary me, someone is verrry emotional about all this, aren’t they?” concluded Furlong satisfied with his overwhelmingly dominant victory in the debate he created by injecting in a private conversation.