Israeli Government Announce Another Day Of Perfectly Justified Murder


“BUT TOTALLY, like, no worries if not” confirmed leading western leaders in their latest calls for Israel to immediately stop their war crimes in Gaza.

Despite using such forceful words, experts have suggested there is a possibility that saying ‘but only if you won’t to stop, obviously’ is not the deterrent western leaders think it is, and in fact implementing no sanctions could give the impression that this is all perfectly justified murder and genocide.

“Ok big-brain, if it’s wanton murder and genocide like you say then why are we just being allowed to do it? If it was what you say it is, surely countries wouldn’t just stand by, moral arbiters like the US would step in, right?” shared an IDF spokesperson, fresh from celebrating the rescue of two hostages apparently justifying the deaths of 30,000 innocent Palestinians.

Bombing sheltering civilians crammed into areas in Rafah the IDF urged them to move to because they are ‘safe’, and creating the perfect conditions for starvation and the spread of disease all while blocking aid for 1.1mn people at the port Ashdod, Israel can be in no doubt of the international community’s utter revulsion at what is unfolding.

“Again, just if, when you get the chance, but understand you’re busy, but would be great if you could have a look at maybe not doing genocide. Promise this is last message, know you’re busy LOL. Gah hump day, am I right?” confirmed western leaders once more, in fresh condemnation which carried the clear threat of wholesale sanctions.