Local ‘Activist’ Sudden Expert In Argentine Politics


CORNERING you at a house party at 3am, local social media activist Liam Haorth is entering his second hour of lecturing on Argentina’s president elect Javier Milei.

“What do you mean you hadn’t heard of him until yesterday?! Dude, I practically have a PHD in the guy,” confirmed Haorth, spitting slightly in your face as he talked intensely without taking a breath.

“He’s an unhinged arachnid-capitalist librarian! He only has those side burns are a wolf whistle to his supporters, like seriously, how are you only hearing of him now? The fall of mankind as we know it to Fascism just not your thing then, ha?” scoffed the 25-year-old marketing professional with extensive experience in liking social media posts about injustice.

Haorth was keen to stress the threat Milei poses, which is the same if not greater than the threat posed than by whatever he was frantically posting online about the previous day.

“Javier Gerardo Milei (born 22 October 1970) is an Argentine politician, economist, and author who is the president-elect of Argentina…” continued Haorth, quoting the portion of Milei’s Wikipedia entry he had memorised.

“Who knows what damage he could do to Argentina. Blink and the place will be rife with inequality and suffering with runaway inflation, a basket case economy. No Parasol!”

UPDATE: Moving onto to the sitting room and wearing the ear off other party goers, Haorth has now revealed his latest area of expertise in North Korean spy satellites and political prisoners in Libya.