Israeli Government Open Dehumanisation Corridor In Gaza


IN THE WAKE of experiencing its worst ever terrorist attack and amid pleas to allow a humanitarian corridor into Gaza as innocent people are starved of water, food and fuel the Israeli government has confirmed it will instead open a dehumanisation corridor.

“We’re deploying our politicians onto news channels to scoff at the idea there are options other than bombing innocent men, women and children into oblivion, and whether Palestinians strictly count as human,” confirmed an Israeli spokesperson who thanked internet users around the world for conflating Palestinian children with Hamas and echoing calls to ‘flatten Gaza and turn it into a car park’.

Establishing a dehumanisation corridor will involve putting on special glasses which helps fighter pilots see a hospital, school, aid mission or family home as the perfect target.

“As we keep saying if these ‘innocent’ ‘civilians’ don’t want to be bombed they are free to leave,” the spokesperson said of Gaza, a location you can’t leave as it is closed off from the world by the Israeli military.

The UN has repeated its calls for a humanitarian corridor in Gaza but they have been accused of horrible bias owing to the fact Israeli military airstrikes have killed at least 11 UN aid workers.

“We’re really excited to open this dehumanisation corridor because if we don’t focus might be put on our prime minister who is awaiting corruption trials, was warned by Egyptian intelligence that Hamas was planning something three days before the attack, and we definitely don’t want to be reminded Bibi told his Lukid party ‘anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support Hamas. This is part of our strategy'” concluded the spokesperson.