Thinking Of Faking Cancer To Make Money? Avoid These Common Mistakes


ASIDE for the obvious impulse of ‘just don’t do it’ and ‘only a vile sociopath would do such a thing’, some people just insist on faking a cancer diagnosis to rob people of money and they always make the same mistakes. Here at WWN Scams we want to help our readers avoid these pitfalls:

IPhone charger cables are not your friend. No matter your prowess as a selfie taker, you will not convince anyone that a charger cable up the nose is in fact a nasogastric tube. If anything, you end up looking like Voldemort’s brother.

First ensure that your name itself isn’t a lie. E.g if your name is John Plumber or Ronan Gardner and you’re not a plumber or a gardener then this hardly invokes confidence in you as an individual, does it?

Maybe sit this one out if you have a sibling who has already tried and failed in perpetrating a financial scam.

Limit the number of golf trips you take abroad.

Don’t scam anyone who you might see in person or is from your local community.

Having to interact with these people as you secretly rob them of their money which they gave you thinking you were suffering from cancer could certainly eat a normal person up on the inside. However, it’s likely you’re far from normal if you’re doing this, you’re more a shell of human being, so maybe this point doesn’t apply to you.

NOTE: If caught out, you can always look forward to a publishing deal down the line and a slot on numerous TV and radio stations to sell your book, so don’t worry, Ireland easily forgets.