“We’re From Two Different Worlds,” Tramore Man Breaks Up With Dunmore Girlfriend


THE HIGH-profile courtship between Davey Scollan and Mairead Hughes has come to an end after Tramore native Scollan felt they could not overcome the significant cultural differences between the two, who grew up worlds apart.

“It’s like you’re from Dalkey and I’m from Dun Laoghaire,” a teary-eyed Scollan relayed to his now former partner.

“I know what the inside of an arcade looks like and you insist on pronouncing words in a weird posh Waterford accent which in itself is a contradiction in terms,” said Scollan turning his face away from Hughes, unable to contain his anguish.

The 29-year-old knew it was futile to make a case for happy-ever-after and she too felt the slow impending doom in the pit of her stomach ever since they met in the Baldy Man one night.

“It’s true; me and my friends only went out there as a dare, to see how the animals live,” Hughes said, already mourning the end of their romance, “I tried, I really tried. I went on the waltzers even though I thought I’d catch poverty gonorrhoea from them and then couldn’t even get a taxi home – I had to ring daddy to come collect me in the new Range Rover Sport and he gave out to me all the way home because of the dirt on the roads”.

“And then there was that night we stayed in Dunbrody and you couldn’t pronounce ‘hors d’oeuvres’ correctly. It doesn’t matter how intense our love is, we can’t bridge this divide” added Hughes.