Public Expected More From Rupert Murdoch Owned Shitrag


REVELATIONS that Rupert Murdoch owned The Sun tabloid published a story despite it being directly refuted by the alleged victim at the centre of it has caused widespread shock.

“The Sun, aside from being famous for repeatedly lying and painting victims of the Hillsborough disaster as thieves and murderers who pissed on corpses, is known for its journalistic integrity. I feel let down,” said one UK reader, shocked to learn the paper would willfully publish a misleading story tow hip people into a frenzy.

“Look at this sicko,” The Sun encouraged, despite having a dedicated section of its website devoted to Onlyfans where it promises to keep readers up to date with the very thing they have alleged is a vile act worthy of a gathering a pitchfork mob and involving police, who have said no law was broken.

“They may be a paper which used to pay 16-year-old girls to pose naked on page three of their newspaper but I think I trust them when it comes to publicly shaming someone for allegedly giving money to an adult man,” said one loyal reader of the UK’s largest producer of loo roll.

Seasoned Sun readers couldn’t bring themselves to believe the bastion of journalism could be motivated in anyway by deep seethed prejudices.

“Woah there, Murdoch’s guys may have ran with headlines like ‘I’d Shoot My Son If He Had Aids’, or allowed Piers Morgan to pen the story ‘Scrap Eastbenders’ after it aired a gay kiss but I’d have a hard time believing there’s some sort of agenda at play here,” added another reader.

“Yeah okay they lied and implied he was a nonce. It’s not right though, at the end of the day you can’t keep secrets or have an affair as a private citizen, it’s not allowed,” said one Sun reader, who is perfectly fine with Boris Johnson refusing to share WhatsApp messages with a UK government Covid inquiry and that time he cheated on his ex-wife when she had cancer.