Ranking Paw Patrol Characters In Order Of Most Likely To Murder


HARMLESS children’s TV entertainment which is currently functioning as a third parent to your child? Think again.

Paw Patrol’s central characters are deeply deserved, and we have the proof:

1. Chase

Police background already makes it a certainty he has switched off his body when stopping and searching black labs. Would he lie about the lab pulling a gun on him? Absolutely.

2. Rubble

English Bulldog. Murder is his genes.

3. Marshall

“I’m okay”? That’s exactly what an unhinged sociopath with a lust from watching the life seep out of the eyes of their victims would want their friends to think. A fascination with all things medical, Marshall would jump at the chance to dissect a body.

4. Rocky

We’re not saying he would do it in cold blood but that backpack would certainly contain enough tools to dispose of a body without leaving a trace.

5. Zuma

Loves the water. Lives in a boathouse. The perfect for late night trips out into the ocean to dump bodies weighted down by rocks.

6. Skye

There’s no reason to suspect Skye would be capable only for the fact that she is a cockapoo breed and judging my neighbour’s cockapoo’s temperament they are the Hannibal Lecter of dogs.