Irish Women Share Their Dating ‘Red Flags’


ASK any Irish woman about their experience with men on dating apps and you’ll soon learn that finding someone decent is harder than the search for water on Mars.

Pooling their horror stories together, a panel of Irish women have revealed their list of red flags which are enough to put anyone off:

Has no friends.

Has too many friends.

Has one female friend (including direct blood relatives).

Has no female friends (not an ally).

Clogs toilet with number twos.

Number twos that are too feminine.

Is a mammy’s boy.

Is too close to his father.

Isn’t family orientated.

Holds door open.

Doesn’t hold door open.

Covets Poland and announces intention to take it by force.

Drinks too much.

Drinks too little.

Has bad teeth, skin, nose, hair, hands, chin, upper back of elbow.

Fancies himself a bit too much.