This Dog Visits His Owner’s Grave Every Day To Shit On It


PREPARE to have your heart broken. Tissues at the ready because this is why we don’t deserve dogs!

Chewie, an 11-year-old Yorkie, makes the 3km journey from his deceased owner’s home to his final resting place in the graveyard every day.

His owner Trevor passed away 5 months ago and ever since then Chewie has never failed to make the solo journey out to the grave, where he does the most wretched smelling scuttery defecations one can imagine.

“Trevor was never one for giving out treats to the dog,” explained his widow and co-owner of Chewie, Barbara.

“Chewie was only delighted when Trevor croaked it. Trevor could get cranky and leave Chewie out in the garden if he barked too much, and Chewie never forgot it, he even tried to plug out the life support when he visit him in hospital” explained Barbara.

The widow added that Chewie refrains from doing ‘his business’ until he has eaten breakfast and dinner, thus ensuring his graveyard visit will result in the largest possible deposit of vengeful shit.

“I wouldn’t mind but I’ve enough trouble cleaning up graffiti from teenagers, nevermind arse graffiti,” explained the groundskeeper at the graveyard. “I’ve never seen something so small deliver such large shits, the size of a baby’s head the last one was. You can only produce that if you truly hate someone”.