Woman On Facebook Wishes Leaving Cert Students Best Of Luck Despite Nobody Under Age Of 35 Following Her


SOCIAL media users have overestimated how many 17-year-old students are on Facebook this morning, such as Waterford woman Catherine Marron who took to her page today to wish everyone all the best in their Leaving Cert.

“Good luck to everyone doing there [sic] Leaving Cert today x x x!” posted Marron today, despite having no followers on Facebook younger than 33.

“Do your best that’s all any1 can do,” she added, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Facebook hasn’t had a school-age user in over four years.

“Celebrate afterwards but be safe and responsible LOL haha it not end of world if you don’t get result, what is for you wont pass you,” she concluded, showcasing the grasp of grammar she learned during her own Leaving Cert.

Elsewhere, Leaving Cert students have opened up about how the outpouring of goodwill on social media from older people such as Ms. Marron has almost no impact on their overall results, but if those who post feel better for doing so then hey, knock yourself out.

“Weird AF but go off, King,” posted one Waterford student this morning, discussing the subject on a social media platform that we had never heard of before.