Top 10 Pornhub Searches From Westminster Revealed


REPORTS that a Tory frontbencher was accessing pornographic material on his phone in the House Of Commons has prompted an audit of the British parliament’s wi-fi server, which has revealed some very specific fetishes and kinks among MPs.

Of the thousands upon thousands of searches carried out on popular porn website ‘Pornhub’ within the walls of Westminster, the most common ten are:

1) British MILF struggles with heating bill

2) Truck driver gets stuck at Dover

3) Blond man impregnates woman

4) Taxpayer roughly fucked

5) Boris banged while Big Ben bongs

6) Orgy at lockdown party

7) Europeans fuck themselves

8) Chaos with Ed Miliband

9) Theresa May runs through wheat field

10) Throbbing big red bus fucks nation