Your Favourite Refugees Ranked


WITH at least 20 conflicts raging across the world at any one time, it is no wonder why many desperate people are fleeing their homeland in the hopes of finding safe harbour here. But just who is Ireland’s favourite set of refugees? WWN’s latest survey publishes your favourite refugees ranked.

Any of the white ones

Okay, we’re a little bit surprised at how survey participants were so quick to choose the actual skin colour of their favourite refugees despite us not asking. We meant what region, so we carried out another survey.

All the ones that are not from Africa or the Middle East

Ah, so this kind of narrows it down a bit for us, but again, no real country has been pinpointed here so we carried out a third survey, this time giving multiple choice answers of 20 possible countries.

Whichever of these countries is not predominantly brown or black skinned

Again, we weren’t happy with the results of our third survey attempt as there seems to be a grey area due to the fact many of the participants seem to be fixated on the race of the refugees as opposed to the seriousness of the conflict, leaving some questions around people’s inability to not see past skin tone. This time we put 20 separate pictures of a sample refugee with their country of origin and the results were conclusive.

The white one there

Yeah, great, thanks a lot to everyone who took part in our last ever survey.