“I Won’t Take Money From Drink Or Gambling Brands” Says Pal Of Kinahan Cartel Boss


SPEAKING at the launch of his new energy drink pillar of the boxing world and mental health enthusiast Tyson Fury revealed he will never endorse gambling, alcohol, or drugs brands, excluding his close pal and cartel boss Daniel Kinahan.

“I won’t take money from drink, gambling or CBD drug brands as they cause mental health issues,” Fury began, “but I have no problem hanging around and getting pictures taken with someone the High Court in Ireland called a senior figure in organised crime on a global scale,” he added, holding up his new energy drink containing questionable ingredients to be marketed to the 16-25 demographic.

Speaking with his mouth at the launch of his latest merch, the son-of-two turned down ‘millions of dollars’ in recent years to advertise alcohol, gambling, and CBD brands, but didn’t expand on whether he’d continue to advertise Mr. Kinahan as a reputable boxing promoter, knowing full well his real position in society.

“Yeah, the Kinahan cartel are allegedly responsible for thousands of deaths from drugs, not to mind the murders, beatings, money laundering, tax evasion, racketeering, extortion and its stranglehold on the boxing world,” a source close to the Gypsy King stated, “but as long as the cartel are not affecting mental health, then Tyson is on board”.

The boxer’s Furocity energy drink will go on sale in Iceland stores on Wednesday, and comes in a number of flavours including Sour Apples, Black and Blue Kneecaps, Cherry Picked Morals and Total Hypocrite.