Take A Break From The News With Pictures Of These Animals Dressed In Costumes


BILLIONAIRES amassing record wealth as 99% of the planet’s wealth stagnated or dropped, natural disasters wreaking havoc, impending wars, Covid or an endless parade of horrific violence, whatever news is currently giving you anxiety, accept this interruption:

Don’t question how comfortable the dog was when this photo was taken, jeez, just enjoy it. Think of some puns or something; the long arm of the paw etc. Hey, we just supply the pictures, the puns cost extra.

Who in HR sanctioned hiring a ferret? Are they being paid more than me? Again, no questions, just take the free dopamine hit.

Why exactly would a llama need a disguise? Have they embezzled funds from a charity and have now been forced on the run? Shush now, let the mind relax.

Isn’t this a bit racist? A guinea pig in traditional Arab costume? Is the guinea pig cancelled now? Or how about, is the guinea pig too cute?

Not only has this cat just qualified as a doctor, they’re also in line for a €1k pandemic bonus!

Count Spikecula? Again, pictures = free, good puns = that’ll cost ya.

You can now return to doomscrolling the hellscape that is existence.