Nation Urges Gardaí To Go Easy On The Weed Busts, Cheers


IRELAND has made renewed appeals to its national police force An Garda Síochána today to lay off the weed busts a bit following yet another growhouse raid this week, WWN has learned.

Likening the drug raids to using a sieve to empty a large lake during the rain, the nation’s users admitted that if gardaí keep this kind of constant pressure on suppliers, costing millions of euros in taxpayers money every year, it could lead to minutes-long droughts of the plant across the country.

“If they keep going at this rate some cannabis users could be left without a smoke for anything up to a couple of hours,” one worried campaigner said. “The damage they’re doing to the underground weed trade is already starting to show; my dealer had only three different strains to offer me last week as opposed to five or six”.

In some instances, users were forced to actually engage with a non-criminal gang connected supplier to get their weed.

“I had to order mine online and it took me ages to find a website I liked as there is so many to choose from,” another 67-year-old user shared, who depends on the herb for her arthritis, “don’t get me wrong, the weed I get online is good, but you don’t get that thrilling buzz of getting caught by gardaí while buying from a local scumbag on the street and getting your name and picture plastered all over the Sunday World – it’s just not the same when the postman delivers it”.

The nation has urged gardaí to just give it a little rest for now, you know, maybe put their attention on harder drugs that actually kill people.