Website Just Needs You To Click These 10 Or 20 Things Before You Can Read Article


CONGRATULATIONS for finally making it through our cookies, GDPR, newsletter sign up prompt, would you like us to send you notifications window prompt and the five or six other hard to close things we’re making you click.

I guess you are here for that video of a woman being murdered in New York by a gunman that we headlined ‘awful tragedy caught on film’, so here’s the gruesome video below in all its glory with a shameless pre-roll 30 second advert for skin cream before it.

Oh, sorry, is the video still playing in the bottom corner now as you scroll down through our poorly written article. Please feel free to click the tiny close button on its corner. Aw no, it was so small an ‘x’ you clicked on the video itself and brought to an advertising landing page. That’s a shame now, but cheers as your fat fingers/mouse just made 20 cents for us – it all adds up.

It may seem like we don’t actually want you here to read anything we’ve written, but instead are just using your online presence on our webpage to sell you something targeted to your cached data, you know, the data you keep opting ‘yes’ to in our GDPR settings. Do you even know what GDPR means, you klutz?

Anyway, thanks for all your clicking and data, we promise to use it wisely and share it with as many multi-billion corporations that we can.

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