“You’re Not Making This Cover Up Easy” Government Tells Illegal Adoption Report Author


AFTER the author of a report on illegal adoptions perpetrated by religious institutions in Ireland said she was treated ‘disrespectfully and in an unprofessional manner’ by the Department of Children, the government has criticised her for making it harder for ‘all this Mother and Baby stuff quietly disappear’.

“The public’s attention span is worse than a goldfish’s so we’d really prefer it if someone didn’t highlight the litany of current failures by the Department of Children, and call us out on our dysfunctional ways,” remarked a spokesperson for the Department of Delay, Distract, Divert and Deny, who only published the report this March despite it being completed over 2 years ago.

The report’s author Marion Reynolds, objected to the names of institutions and individuals involved in the report being redacted, and requested if such action was taken for her name to be removed from the report itself which was duly ignored by the Cabinet. As a result Reynolds has made an official complaint.

“The state’s getting away with ignoring Mother and Bay Home survivors, deleting their testimonies, letting developers plow ahead with building apartments on child burial sites. But when some goody two shoes with integrity interacts with state institutions, they tend to point out all the nefarious acts carried out to keep the status quo and protect the powerful, and that really gets on our tits,” added the Dept. of DDDD spokesperson.

“Sure someone can make a complaint, but consider this; the Irish state is decades into dragging its feet over the fact between 5,500 and 20,000 files are suspected of containing evidence of illegal adoptions. We’ve the patience of a nun lying to the face of mother who’s child was illegally adopted, so good luck”.