Media Not Sure Where Money Grabbing Bitch Markle Got Idea They Had It In For Her


COUNTERING Meghan Markle’s experience of the media’s barely disguised, racially-motivated hatred of her, the British media insisted it has no idea how the money grabbing bitch, who should have considered herself lucky the likes of her was even allowed within 50 miles of a palace, could have gotten that impression.

“Haven’t the faintest clue,” said one Fleet Street editor while throwing darts at a picture of the former actress with one hand and typing up a ‘Did Meghan Eat The Wuhan Bat & Cause Covid?” article with the other.

“Meghan bless her, she’s just misread some signs which in fairness is typical of ‘them lot’, isn’t it? Smaller brains than us; actresses I’m talking about obviously wink wink, nudge nudge” confirmed another editor, batting back claims of a targeted and unrelenting hounding of the woman who married Prince Harry.

“Oh so now it’s ‘racist’ to say the royal bloodline should remain racially pure?! Give over, what a pair of snowflakes,” confirmed one Daily Mail correspondent, who had a coronary and demanded the death penalty for Markle that time she ate an avocado.

With fevered reaction to the explosive content of the Oprah interview having the effect of temporarily turning England into the largest open-air asylum in the world, it believed it will still be several centuries before the public realise a glorified incest factory is not inherently better than them or their ‘rightful rulers’.

Elsewhere, the media remains uninterested in both Prince Andrew’s Pizza Express trips or the revelation that the Queen sent her private solicitor to lobby the government into changing a law to help her hide her private wealth from the public.