Gardaí Warn Elderly Of Scam Where Dubai Royalty Trick People Into Staged Photographs


GARDAÍ have today warned of a sophisticated scam which cons esteemed elderly people into sitting with members of the Dubai royal family and getting their photographs taken which will later be used as propaganda to hide criminal activities, WWN can confirm.

“If you are approached by wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen asking you to travel to Dubai for lunch with the royal family, please think twice as it may be a ploy to trick you into a staged photograph with an alleged hostage,” a garda statement read today, “female pensioners who held senior political roles are more at risk of the scam due to their reputation and stature in the community and should not be wooed by promises of a glitzy lunch and a snazzy photo opportunity”.

The warning comes as former Irish president Mary Robinson fell victim to to the scam in May 2018 when she was forced to sit beside currently missing Princess Latifa Al Maktoum but was so ashamed of the con she didn’t report it to police.

“I just felt so stupid for falling for it and I just want to now make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Mrs. Robinson said, who had no idea Princess Latifa Al Maktoum had tried to flee the same royal family she was visiting.

It is not known how many elderly former heads of state have been duped by the scam, but Gardaí have begun warning other potential targets.

“We gave Mary McAleese the heads up there, but she just replied that she wouldn’t be that stupid to fall for such an obvious con, which is fair enough,” a garda source revealed.