Remembering Those We Wish We Lost In 2020


IT’S been a year that can reasonable claim to have been worse than 2016, known chiefly for its high death counts among the most beloved and famous people in the world of sport and entertainment.

As 2020 took Maradona, Sean Connery, Diana Rigg, Jack Charlton, Marian Finucane, Chadwick Boseman, Olivia de Havilland, Bill Withers, John Hume, Eddie Van Halen, Kelly Preston, Ennio Morricone, Little Richard, Jerry Stiller, Irrfan Khan, Caroline Flack, Kobe and Gianna Bryant, and Terry Jones, countless names of those who WWN would rather haven been taken instead instantly came to mind.

There’s more doses here than a Pfizer vaccine storage facility:

Donald Trump

To give 2020 some credit in this instance, it did try its best.

Mrs Cleary from up the road

She acts all sweet but don’t fall for it she’s a sly little snake, always skipping the queue in the Post Office, a real ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ bitch.

Kim Kardashian

After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, we’d love if 2020 surprised my Kardashian and her closest inner circle with a trip to the pearly gates so we could all pretend things were Kardashian free just for a brief moment in time.

Anyone who still fail to cover their nose while wearing their face mask

You’ve had the guts of a year to master it, if you haven’t by now maybe this is where your genetic lineage should end.

Jeff Bezos

How much money does one man need? Lad probably wipes his hole with Bitcoin.

The young lad they have working the deli counter in the Spar across the way

How hard is it to get an order right? If he’s not jamming in enough lettuce to sustain a colony of rabbits, he packs rolls with enough butter to give everyone within a 5 mile radius cholesterol.

Elon Musk

Naming your child like you’re stuttering a licence plate number is enough to get you on the list these days.

Joe Exotic

Only in the hope that Tiger King’s popularity was somehow the catalyst for how awful this year was and with his demise our collective curse could be lifted.

Nigel Farage

He’s been on our annual list every year since 1981 and yet the Gods continue to laugh at us.