Other Than Covid Grant, €4mn Donation & Former IRA Member Funeral Scandals, Sinn Féin Having Good Year


A STRONG election performance, increased support and greater share of the media appearance pie all while regularly telling the government they’re a pack of craven and incompetent ghouls, Sinn Féin are having a solid year even when you account for the myriad faux pas and cock ups they’ve subjected themselves to.

“Imagine still giving a government that says clothes aren’t ‘essential’ a run for their money in the eejitery stakes,” confirmed one observer, who’ll be the first to admit Sinn Féin have done alright minus the attending of a large scale funeral of a former IRA member during a pandemic.

“Laughable that anyone thinks there’s something to apologise over, this person is clearly a Blueshirt propaganda merchant,” a peeved Sinn Féin supporter said after learning that someone by the name of Mary Lou McDonald had the temerity to admit fault on behalf of Sinn Féin for the recent Covid grant scheme scandal which has resulted in the resignation of three members of the party.

“Great leadership, I always said that’s the sort of accountability you don’t see with that shower in power,” added the same supporter moments later, of a scandal which occurred in Northern Ireland, where the party share power.

“Oh, here we go again, the old IRA/Sinn Féin attacks,” confirmed another party supporter when asked only about Sinn Féin using British laws pertaining to political donations as a way to accept a €4 million donation, which is 1,600 times the legal limit in Ireland.

Sinn Féin reassured its worried supporters that this increased scrutiny of the dysfunction within the party would only last up until the government pulled another scandal out of its arse, before pointing at a news headline about hand sanitisers in schools turning out to be acid or something.