Man Vows To Hate TV Show Because Friend Recommended It


“OH MY GOD trust me, and wait til you get to the end of series two, fucking hell. I’m actually jealous of ya getting to watch it without knowing what’s going to happen,” shared a close friend of Vincent ‘Vinny’ McCormack, all but guaranteeing every negative fibre of McCormack’s being would be irrationally dispatched to violently hate whatever popular show was being politely recommended.

“I dunno, it’s weird, I almost take it like I’m being antagonised or something when someone says ‘you might like this’, my default is kind of ‘fuck you, only I can tell myself what I like you massive prick’, even if it’s my mam recommending a good documentary about baby penguins,” McCormack shared shortly after lying to his well meaning friend with a cursory ‘sounds good, will check it out’.

For many people, the more enthusiastic a sales pitch made by friends as to the binge worthiness of a programme only leads to a deep ‘oh I’ll show them’ resentment towards the excitable and passionate suggestion.

Settling down in front of the TV, McCormack lasted all of 23 seconds into The Long Dark Shadow, which has a 9.9 rating on IMDB and is a recipient of all the awards available to it, before gritting his teeth and declaring it ‘a load of shite’.

“The main lad in it has a stupid face, the plot is stupid, as if that would happen in real life. I hate it,” confirmed McCormack, beaming ear to ear with a weird satisfaction who can only get from successfully resenting what was a harmless suggestion by a long time friend very evident.