Typical Media Rush To Judgement After 87th Putin Critic Now Poisoned


BLATANT Russiaphobia was on display yet again today in the biased Western media which unfairly began linking Vladimir Putin to the alleged poisoning of noted Putin critic Alexei Navalny, who is now in intensive care.

Navalny, a lawyer known for producing online videos which succinctly explain the rank corruption inherent in Russia’s oligarchy, was traveling throughout Russia promoting tactical voting strategies which would see Putin allies defeated in upcoming local elections.

“Anything bad happens, it’s automatically Russia’s fault, huh? Gimme a break,” said one noted opinion-offerer on Facebook, John Lyons, who can’t believe people are that cynical that they’d make a barely there connection between Putin’s government and the poisoning of the 87th Putin critic, give or take a few.

“Ok, there was the Salisbury poisonings and Boris Nemtsov, Sergei Magnitsky, Boris Berezovsky, Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko, but I don’t see what that’s got to do with this?” added Lyons.

Lyons sentiments have been echoed by a number of discerning political commentators who populate social media feeds and have grown tired of the agenda driven media narratives which have see the negative in every Putin sanctioned killing.

“Some Russian lad shoots himself 10 times in the back of the head and your going to fall for some tabloid nonsense about him being murdered under Putin’s orders, ha, you’re some gullible fool”.

“Promoting democracy? Did this guy have a death wish or something?” queried one local Russian detective who pledged to leave all stones unturned during the investigation into Navalny’s poisoning.