Victoria’s Secret Launch Lingerie Face Mask Collection


JUST because there is a deadly pandemic raging throughout the world, doesn’t mean you have to do without expressing your vibrant, undeniable sensuality.

True to this motto, leading lingerie manufacturer Victoria’s Secret paraded their ‘Corona Fantasies’ lingerie collection in front of the world for the very first time, which includes erotic and seductive respirators as well as sultry sheer lace face masks sure to drive him wild.

“Obviously, those who wear lingerie do not want to endanger themselves or others,” detailed a press release from Victoria’s Secret.

“We’re aiming to show that responsibility and seduction do not have to be mutually exclusive,” added Victoria’s Secret, proud to know no one could fault their essential and vital efforts during these times.

The lingerie breathing mask is made of the finest lace and corresponds to protection class FFP1. In everyday life, it can be worn under a regular breathing mask.

Rounding off the linger-PPE collection is a series of over 400 gimps masks for men to choose from, as well as nipple clamps which have been extensively tested to ensure they still hurt like hell despite the introduction of new hygiene protocols.

Very seductive!