Dad Spends Afternoon In Car, Pretending To Drive


‘BRRRRM’, stated local dad Eric Waterly, while sitting in his family’s Citroen Picasso car and pretending to steer his way through Waterford city centre despite being parked outside his house.

Father-of-three Waterly has been in the car for over three hours while his family look on from the windows, and has sent a message stating that he ‘shouldn’t be texting while driving, but traffic is a nightmare, home soon love you all’.

It’s believed that the 36-year-old may be suffering from a lack of Dad activities while staying at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, and that Dads across the country may soon follow his lead and go for ‘a bit of a spin’ while sitting in their parked cars.

“He asked the kids to make a recording of them saying ‘are we there yet’ and bickering with themselves, and he’s just listening to it on a loop” sighed Mairead Waterly, looking out at her husband yell at an imaginary cyclist.

“And he’s drinking coffee he makes in the house from a manky old takeaway cup he found under the seat. he says it just adds to the ‘verite’ of the experience. I’m worried about him, to be honest, but I’m also a little relieved that whatever little breakdown he’s having, he’s having it outside”.

Update: Waterly has rang home to say he’ll be later than usual, as ‘they’re all out today’.