Local Woman Punishes Media For Horrible Treatment Of Celebrities By Repeatedly Clicking On Articles


DOING her part to make sure she sends an unequivocal message to barrel scraping tabloid publications that she can no longer stand idly by and let their warped and brutal treatment of people in the public eye continue, one Waterford woman continues to repeatedly click on their articles.

So incensed by the long list of lives destroyed by exploitative morale vacuums known as tabloids, Vicky Condron (26) is to spend the day reading every article publications such as the Mail Online publish, sending the clear message that if they think gutter journalism will be rewarded with click after click, they are entirely correct.

“I’ll quit after the next click,” confirmed Condron as she scrolled through each and every article which did a passable job at pretending it cared for the safety, health and wellbeing of the very same people tabloids usually spend time harassing and eviscerating, all for the public’s pleasure.

Speaking exclusively to WWN about what a hammer blow to profits Condron’s decision to keep clicking has been, one online editor had just about resolved to pack it all in.

“Any right minded person might think clicks to our site would decline at a time like this, but actually they’re up substantially, so consider this lesson learned, we hear you loud and clear – the public wants even more of this. Thanks, Vicky,” shared editor Sandra Barkham.

Some friends close to Condron have urged her to change her reading habits and migrate to different online celebrity-focused sites that don’t tear people down, however, such publications are likely owned by the same parent company as the tabloid and sharing the same office.