Public Praise Speed At Which Stardust Case Handled


THE Irish Association Of Wronged People has publicly congratulated those affected by the Stardust disaster for successfully campaigning for a new inquest into the disaster, a mere four decades since that fateful night in 1981 and subsequent years of the State stonewalling their fight for justice.

The IAWP, who handle cases ranging from Magdalene laundries to clerical abuse, were full of praise for those who never accepted the legal ruling that the fire was started by arson, which legally exonerated the owners of the club of responsibility for the 48 people who perished, despite the fact that several emergency exit doors were chained shut on the night.

With many wronged people in Ireland waiting much longer than 40 years for justice and some never receiving it at all, the IAWP pledged support to the Stardust victims families and urged them to never give up their fight.

“Congratulations on decades of hard work, and get yourself ready for a government body who never gave you any help to show up any minute now for their undeserved share of the credit,” said a spokesperson for the IAWP.

“There’s symphysiotomy victims that’ll probably never see their day come, there’s lads went to the grave that never got justice against the priests that raped them. Justice moves painfully slow in Ireland, so while we’re sure the Stardust campaigners felt every second of the forty years they waited, it will be worth it when they get the verdict they deserve”.