Is ‘Baboon Arse’ The Latest Filler Trend?


WITH more and more women opting for cosmetic treatments such as lip augmentation to have fuller, plumper lips, men have also started to warm to the idea of having hyaluronic acid injected into their bodies in a bid to enhance their best assets, their behind.

“Why did I get it done? Well, I was always a fan of the way baboons simply walked around with their arses hanging out without being all that self-conscious about it. The concept was really inspirational and brave to me.” explained Conal Murphy, one of hundreds of men across Ireland who have opted for the new baboon arse filler so far this year.

Much like the lip augmentation procedure, patients can have fuller, more curvaceous anuses in only a matter of minutes, allowing them to immediately showcase their pink coloured ass holes with pride.

“Sitting down isn’t as bad as you’d think,” another baboon arse patient told WWN, “it’s actually quite soft and cushiony and all the chicks absolutely love it”.

Procedures can range from anywhere from €200-€2,000, depending on the amount of dermal filler needed to secure that perfect baboon arse.

“There’s something about a throbbing, red rectal wall that just gets our hearts racing,” said just about every woman WWN spoke to about the new look, “we can’t wait to just squeeze those lumpy masses in the bed, ” concluding with a wolf whistle, “swit, swoo”.