Relief In Dublin As Ball Finally Stalled


RESIDENTS in Dublin City and county can today breath a sigh of relief after news emerged that the ball has finally been stalled following decades of unnecessary movement and spinning.

Dubliners familiar with the ball welcomed its sudden stoppage and now look forward to a new life without having to reference a spherical object when attempting to pause conversations midway.

“It’s just great to be able to not worry about the ball moving all the time,” one Dublin woman told WWN today. “I was never a big sports fan anyways, so telling people to stall the ball all the time was absolutely ridiculous. Finally, we’re free”.

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport confirmed the news late last night and vowed to keep the ball stationary at all times while measures costing into the millions of euros have gotten underway to permanently stall the ball for good.

Meanwhile, campaigners have now also called on the lights to be stopped across the country.

“It just seems unfair that they stall the ball, but refuse to stop the lights,” one campaigner concluded.