Local Man Can’t Get Over Fact Plumber Is A Woman


WATERFORD native Padraig Towlin is struggling to keep it together after a rather usual event occurred in his home yesterday afternoon.

Towlin (51) had cause to ring a plumbing company due to a leak in his kitchen sink but the company sent a woman dressed in plumber’s clothing instead of sending an actual plumber, much to Towlin’s shock and surprise.

“She was a woman, the plumber, not a man now,” Towlin relayed to friends in the pub some 24 hours later, still not quite over the confusion the event caused.

“It was the strangest thing, you fixed the leak in about 5 minutes, and ripped me off price wise just like an actual plumber would. I nearly rang the company to give out for not sending a plumber but look suppose it’s fixed now”.

It is believed Towlin has parked all other thoughts to one side in his brain until he can fully come to terms with the fact 26-year-old Maura Bollins is a certified plumber who does what male plumbers do.

“You’d be expecting a man at the door, but it wasn’t a man at the door lads, it was a woman,” Towlins reminded his drinking buddies, despite the fact they had tried to steer the conversation onto new topics at least 17 times.