Landlord Wondering How He Can Raise Rent And Not Look Like A Cunt


LOCAL man Sean Gennings is today wondering how he can raise the rent on a flat he owns in Waterford town without coming off like a greedy, heartless landlord during the worst housing crisis in the history of the state™.

Gennings, who has been collecting what he had described as a ‘fair rent’ from a young couple that have kept his flat in good condition during their 4 year stay, considers himself to be a landlord but ‘not like the landlords you see on telly’.

However as property prices are on the increase and the rental market following, Gennings has come to believe that he is more than entitled to another few quid every month, especially how ‘everyone else is doing it’.

“The couple that’s in it, they’re covering the repayments alright… but would it be okay if I just asked them for a bit more every month?” mused 45-year-old Jennings, who bought the property in 2006 because you just couldn’t go wrong, could you.

“They really can’t refuse, like. The law is on my side, isn’t it? I’m a private landlord, as long as I don’t go over the legal percentage of how much I can raise the rent, then I’m grand”.

“I’m not going to be a cunt about it, I’m just looking to make a few quid more from my investment. That’s not cunty, is it? A bit? Maybe? Just a little? But like, not like those slumlord lads with fifty tenants in a 2 bedroom house. I’m only a small time lad with one flat. I couldn’t be a cunt about it if I tried”.

Gennings went on to say that it probably wouldn’t be that much of a dick move to evict his tenants by telling them that his brother is moving home from America, then just sticking the place back on the market at twice the price.

“Everyone’s at it, like”, he justified.