Do You Dream Of Being Overworked, Undervalued & Exploited? Have You Considered Becoming A Nurse?


ARE YOU looking for a career that gives you all you’ve ever wanted in life? Are those things you’re searching for bineg ‘overworked’, ‘undervalued’ and ‘exploited’? Well then WWN Jobs might just have the perfect position for you.

Nursing is a noble profession which is often called a ‘vocation’ or considered ‘a calling’. What do these terms mean?

Well by calling the job a ‘calling’ or a ‘vocation’ it means nurses can consistently be pushed to their limits as their concerns about patients, working hours, hospital standards and everything else can be dismissed because ‘they love their jobs’.

Does this unrelenting and unforgiving profession where the rewards are never things like ‘better working conditions’ or ‘better pay’ sound like heaven to you? Great, we think you’d be ideal for the nursing profession.

Get some practice in by getting absolutely no sleep, and join the UFC to mimic your future encounters with irate and dangerous patients.

And if you want to know what it’s like to hear a succession of politicians talk earnestly about the invaluable and incalculable work you do, find the nearest brick wall and continuously bang your head against it!

Once you officially start as a nurse you’ll wonder why you ever thought pursuing a career that isn’t taken for granted or dismissed out of hand by society was ever a sensible or viable option.