DJ Acting Like He Produced Track Himself


IN A sparsely attended late-night bar/club in Dublin’s city centre, one local DJ is throwing his hands up in the air and claiming all the credit for the popular song he just pressed play on, WWN can confirm.

Acting as if he wrote, sang, played on, recorded and produced the track himself DJ Richie ‘You Want Some’ Moore has been grinning ear to ear and nodding to people on the dance floor as if to say ‘yeah, I fucking made this’, despite in reality it is in fact one of the 21st century’s more popular and well known mainstream songs, beloved universally by almost every living soul on the planet.

“Ah man, they fucking love me,” explained Moore from behind the CD decks he doesn’t use.

“Can’t get enough of my tunes,” added Moore, in error, as he had no tunes to speak of, except for one aborted attempt to remix Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, which is so bad Moore breaks out in a rash just thinking about it now.

Slowly turning the volume knob up on early 2000s mega hit Mr. Brightside by The Killers, Moore (36) appeared happy to presume all cheers, clapping, delighted screams and sing-alongs were a direct result of his own DJing genius and nothing to do with the fact the song is about as popular a floor filler there is in Ireland among the 18-50 club going demographic.

“No one else brings the noise like DJ You Want Some Moore,” Moore shouted into the crowd, who sorted of nodded in agreement not wanting to hurt his feelings.