Trump Recognises Will Smith’s Noble Fight Against Aliens 22 Years On


THERE were solemn scenes at the White House’s 4th of July celebrations as US President Donald Trump paid tribute to the noble men and women who fell fighting the attempted alien invasion of Earth this day 22 years ago, criticising the fact no previous president had honoured them on the anniversary of the country’s Independence Day.

Standing on the very location once obliterated by the alien military in 1996’s fictional movie Independence Day, Trump touched a picture of the White House being blown up before touching his chest where a heart is normally located, then mimicking the crying of tears as he hugged a picture of Will Smith for far too long.

“A true American hero, and a great friend,” Trump said in the beginning of a speech his minders really wished they could have persuaded him not to give.

Trump also credited the leadership of then president actor Bill Pullman and stressed the need now, more than ever, for a Space Force Military.

“Will Smith. I know him, you know that? A great friend, the best. The aliens, you know the aliens, they came here and boy did they do damage but Will gave them hell,” Trump said, before noting that when watching the footage live in 1996 he remembers hearing some Muslims cheering on the aliens.

Smith, who has gone years without an official 4th of July White House ceremony in his honour, was not present during Trump’s speech.

“The last time we won a war, an actor, Bill Pullman, was president, interesting. It’s time to send a warning to the aliens,” Trump concluded as a number of White House aides finally resigned en masse.