Waterford Surprised GAA Didn’t Stage Munster Hurling Championship This Year


WATERFORD hurling fans have broken their silence on the GAA’s unprecedented decision to just not go ahead with the Munster Hurling Championship this year.

Admitting that if the championship had in fact gone ahead they would have only been too happy to participate, Waterford supporters and players spoke of their disappointment the powers that be in GAA HQ saw fit to not bother with the intensely competitive and tough competition.

“Listen boi, if they staged it this year, you couldn’t have keep us away, we’d have been raring to go. Itching to put everyone to the sword, smash Limerick, Cork, Clare, Tipp and fuck it, let Kerry in for once, we’d take them all,” explained avid Waterford hurling nut Gavin Hartlin, who missed the hurling this year.

“Suppose like everyone else we’ll have to wait until next year so, but the record books, the Wikipedia entries on the championship will look odd alright with just a blank space for 2018, but look I’m sure the top brass in the GAA has their reasons and that’s that,” Hartlin added, while fairly confident Waterford would have been champions had the Munster Hurling Championship gone ahead.

WWN reached out to the other counties who participated in the 2017 championship about the curious absence of this year’s hurling, and each county agreed it was very strange indeed.