Scumbag, Scaldy Or Scrote: What’s The Best Name For Someone With An Inner City Accent?


Scumbag, scaldy, scrote, skanger or knackbag? Chav, chungfella, clingfilm, the head on him, triffid, dazzleplop, lockjawed nazzle twerp, my my my Deliah? Just some of the names ascribed to inherently evil and morally repugnant ‘people’ who dwell within the confines of Ireland’s otherwise glorious cities.

And while those names are useful ways of describing someone with an accent unlike your own, as a nation we have yet to decide upon a favoured term to describe such wretches. The question remains, which is the best one?

Based on research previously conducted by MIT in America, scumbag, scaldy and scrote are the most popular names in Ireland for someone with an inner city accent, that we can just go ahead and presume is up to no good, will amount to nothing and is using your hard earned tax contributions to pay for his or her social welfare mansion in Spain.

Scumbag has a visceral quality owing to the fact its original meaning conjures up vision of a used condom filled with sperm, scaldy certainly nails the overall look of an individual not worth the benefit of the doubt, and scrote of course is a robust way to tear someone down who doesn’t pronounce words the way what they are wrote down and that.

It’s time to decide:

What’s the best name for someone with an inner city accent?

What's the best name for someone with an inner city accent?

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