If He Isn’t A Source Of Constant Drama, Is He Really The One For You?


GIRLS, have you found the one? Are you sure? We’ve taken a look at some recent statistics, and we’ve found that unless he’s causing you to have at least one proper ugly-crying session every week, he may not be Mr. Right.

Figures show that although some guys are ideal for spending the rest of your life with, together in a quiet, uneventful but otherwise blissfully perfect union… where does that leave you when it comes to having something to angrily bitch about to your pals on Monday morning?

Here’s a few things to look out for, to make sure your man is indeed the one:

1) Does he treat you right?

Is he really nice to you, at all times? Does he cancel his plans if he hears you’re feeling down and could do with a night of snuggles in front of the TV? Does he always notice when you get your hair done, and compliment you straight away? If the answer is yes, he might not be the one for you. Life is short, are you going to settle for someone who doesn’t even give you enough ammo for one good WhatsApp group chat bitching session?

2) Does he cheat?

And if he doesn’t cheat, what’s he playing at? He can’t possibly be 100% faithful to you without some sort of ulterior motive. Never trust a faithful man, they’re always up to something. A guy who goes behind your back all the time? Now there’s something for you to get really worked up over, maybe even have a genuine screaming match or two. Drama is the spice of life, and this guy is motherfucking paprika!

3) Do you feel great when you’re with him?

If so, dump him straight away. You’re better off without him. Now please peruse the rest of our website, where you’ll find ads that will help you find the right cosmetics, hair products and clothing to give yourself something to feel good about yourself.