Country’s Drains Filled Entirely With Girlfriend’s Hair


EXTENSIVE and expensive repair work is being undertaken by local authorities after it was discovered the country’s drainage system has ground to a halt thanks to the overwhelming presence of your girlfriend’s hair.

The presence of hair from the average girlfriend, wife, partner or we haven’t put a label on it yet is usually confined to the base of the shower drain or bathtub, occasionally clogging the shore.

However, local authorities have discovered that after years of repeated showering and bathing a cataclysmic build up of hair has now gathered in Ireland’s underground drainage system.

“Pipes and what have you have long been in need of changing and repair anyway, but going down there is a nightmare, it’s like getting tangled up in a spider web made entirely of blonde, brunette and red webbing,” a shell-shocked drainage specialist divulged to WWN.

Round the clock work will continue for several weeks in a bid to clear the excess hair, which will then be placed in an incinerator, before being converted into electricity which could power the nation for the next 7 centuries.

As the nation awaited an apology from your girlfriend for causing extensive damage to the country’s drainage and sewerage systems, she instead made a passive aggressive remark about the magic fairy operating in the house who always leaves the toilet seat up.