Ronaldo Concerned Some Football Fans Still Haven’t Seen His 6-Pack


IN the wake of yet another showcase for Cristiano Ronaldo’s nerves of steel and striking precision, the Real Madrid striker admitted that he is kept from sleeping each and every night with the thought that somewhere out there, there are football fans who have never seen his 6-pack.

Arguably the finest finisher of his generation, Ronaldo ripped his jersey from his body in the aftermath of slotting the winning penalty passed Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny, however, what appeared to be a jubilant display of his pristine abs was in fact a solemn and sad act.

“It’s great we got the win, but do you think everyone saw? I would be unhappy for the people, for the fans if someone has not seen my 6-pack,” Ronaldo shared in a post-match interview with WWN Sport.

Despite reassurances from teammates and coaching staff that the pictures were being beamed to millions of homes around the world, just as was the case the 231 previous times Ronaldo took off his jersey, the Portuguese ace is still crippled by the fear that some eyeballs have not been gifted the majesty of his body to feast upon.

“Please, look at me, it will be the greatest gift you will receive in your life,” Ronaldo said as he race around Madrid’s street while topless.