Local Man To Unveil Referendum Stance Live On Facebook At 10pm Tonight


RUMOURS abound that all Irish media outlets have been mobilised in anticipation of one Waterford man unveiling of his stance on the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment.

Ian Merrigan, a notoriously narcissistic opinion-haver, had earmarked the referendum as the perfect opportunity to make news events all about himself ever since the government formally announced the voting day as May 25th, and he intends to shock the world with his definitive stance on the matter live on Facebook at 10pm tonight.

Merrigan teased his faithful friend list in recent weeks with a number of statuses which seemed related to the matter of Irish abortion laws but were simply thinly veiled attempts at garnering the attention of others.

“Not sure on this abortion business, anyone care to convince me one way or the other?” read one of Merrigan’s statuses, which sought to make the fight for female productive rights work for his self-esteem.

Not content with just unveiling the news on Facebook at 10pm tonight, Merrigan will simultaneously broadcast the news on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and in a text into a regional late night radio talk show to a potential audience of 100 people.

“The place is buzzing, we just have no idea what his stance will be. Could this Waterford man’s stance win the referendum for either side? Is this the biggest turn in the campaign yet?” explained a representative of the Irish media, who have gone a bit mad for any referendum related news in fairness.

Ahead of the self-imposed 10pm deadline Merrigan has not ruled out changing his stance at a later date if it will get him even more attention.