Take This Quiz & See If We Can Guess What County You’re From


WE’VE got just the quiz for you! Corkheads, Clareheads, Dublinheads, other county heads, it’s time to test your knowledge and see if we can correctly guess your county from the way you answer in this quiz!

Whether you’re dodging work or study by browsing the internet or even just taking a quick break from performing major open heart surgery on a man who’s vital signs are dropping fairly rapidly it must be said, we all could do with a nice timeout, right?

Well WWN Viral has a great quiz and we reckon that by answering the questions below, we can completely predict what county you are from. We are like totally using the latest science out of NASA, lol, we’re gas, you’re gas, we’re all gas.

Anyway, enough of the bonding with each other through harmless and insipidly insulting ‘banter’, time to quiz the ever living shit out of you, and nail what county you’re from despite your obvious suspicions that we just can’t possibly do it.

Strap in, here goes nothing: