Couple To Spend Valentine’s Day Staring At Each Other’s Phones In Nice Restaurant


WATERFORD couple Mark Gernon and Anna Devin have cemented their 2018 Valentine’s Day plans with a reservation at one of the city’s finest Italian restaurants, where they will enjoy a delicious pasta dinner while browsing some romantic 4G internet on their phones and ignoring each other completely.

Making sure to have topped up their phones well in advance, the duo will make sure to post loved-up selfies for social media in the taxi on the way to Il Cosa Nostra, which they will check for like, shares and comments throughout their 3-course early bird meal.

The couple, who settled for each other after four years together, intend to speak more words to the waiting staff than they do to themselves, having agreed in advance to enjoy some ‘quality time’ with Netflix and YouTube over the course of the evening.

“Don’t get me wrong, I do love Anna… but Liverpool are in the Champions League and I have Sky Sports on my phone,” explained 27-year-old Gernon, texting exclusively to WWN.

“You couldn’t say a bad word about the food in Il Cosa Nostra – it’s always a fantastic night out together, but there comes a time in the lifespan of a couple where you agree that you’ve seen enough of each other’s faces, and you just want to binge watch a box set in peace”.

Ms. Devin was unavailable for comment, having become ‘bet into’ some drama on one of her Whatsapp groups.