Investigation Launched After Donald Trump Gives Articulate Speech


CONSIDERABLE concern has been expressed with an investigation promised within the highest political offices in America following President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech which saw him approach clear and cogent articulation for the first time in his presidency.

“You always hear of those people who have a stroke or a bang of the head and their whole personality changes, even their intelligence increases, I just hope he’s okay but you fear the worst after listening to those easily understood sentences he was speaking,” shared one concerned senior Republican, who went on to question how the president was allowed to address the nation in such a condition.

“Can you imagine how it makes this country look on the international stage? Sentences with nouns and verbs, and no repetition, our enemies will suspect something catastrophic is afflicting the president’s brain,” added the Republican who criticised those who praised the president by telling him what a good boy he is.

Those expressing worry have been reminded that although the sentences were grammatically accurate, they contained no factually accurate statements; a comfortingly familiar trait of previous presidential addresses by Trump.

“I think we’re jumping the gun to suggest President Trump has had a stroke or has been replaced by a robot with the brain power of a boiled ham but I won’t deny, he was articulate and we should investigate this. Who didn’t give the President his 12 Diet Cokes? His KFC and Big Macs? He let him get a decent night’s sleep?” a Democrat senator shared with WWN.

Trump’s articulate State of the Union address, which was aided by a teleprompter initially caused many hard core supporters to feel uneasy.

“Not my president! He ain’t even saying gay Mexican Muslims are raping the Statue of Liberty, but maybe the media covered it up somehow,” one supporter said of the live, uninterrupted TV address.