Being Racist Burns As Many As 400 Calories & 40,000 Brain Cells A Day


IT’s good for the body but bad for the mind, it’s official, racism burns as many as 400 calories per day however the good news as is often the case comes with some bad news; you could lose as many as 40,000 brain cells to boot.

While many people will be fascinated by the new research, conducted by TCD, it has come as a shock to more people that the average racist has that many brain cells to burn in the first place.

“Typically, when the average racist goes on a rant they experience the same sort of high and adrenaline rush gym goers do, and now we can prove that’s no coincidence as it really does burn those calories,” explained Professor Lauren Banelly, a scientist involved in the study.

Despite the average human brain having over 100 billion brain cells, not a single health expert is encouraging people to take up racism as a form of exercise due to the long term effects on the mind.

However, some people already using racism to burn off a few calories have defended themselves.

“Look some days I don’t have time to make to the gym, so yeah, I sound off about the Polish neighbours down the road originally from Estonia, but the point is I don’t like them and that’s as good as a brisk walk,” confirmed local racist Tommy Mannequin.

Scientists expect to conclude their research shortly at which time they will have a complete list of ignorant words, phrases and observations that help to burn those brain cells and calories.

“If any racists try to mask their racism in a clever and conceited fashion, don’t worry, you’re burning the same amount of calories and brain cells,” Professor Banelly reassured.