Aoife In Accounts Under The Impression Everything Is ‘Lit’


LATCHING onto the continued use of the popular phrase ‘lit’ by people considerably cooler than herself, Aoife in accounts is now erroneously declaring almost everything as ‘lit’.

Aoife Moran, 27, has in recent days made an effort to describe a number of non-lit things as ‘lit’ while in the company of the resident office cool people, who introduced her to the phrase late last week.

“Anyone for tea? Just boiled the kettle and this cup of Barrys is lit,” confirmed Aoife, to cool colleagues Dermot, Ciara and Faye a short 3 minutes after the accountant also described her protein bar as ‘lit’ too.

Fearing that the phrase, beloved by the office gossips, was now ruined, Dermot, Ciara and Faye expressed their disappointment to WWN.

“She fucking ruined ‘bae’ in record time last year as well, it’s always the same with that Aofie one in accounts,” confirmed Dermot.

“The longer we keep her unaware of ‘woke’ the better. She’s calling everything bloody lit, does she not know only lit things are lit. Christ sake,” added Faye, who has taken to leaving the office kitchen when she clocks eyes on Aoife.

Making matters worse, it is believed Aoife has used the hashtag #lit for all 98 of her most recent Instagram pictures, which experts have confirmed contain nothing approaching anything worthy of the word ‘lit’.