“Wouldn’t You Be Glad You Live In Ireland All The Same” Says Mother Watching The News


FREQUENTLY interrupting the presenter relaying news reports on her television set, Waterford mother, Sharon Hartigan (63) has confirmed that you would be glad to reside in Ireland, despite its many flaws, WWN can confirm.

The observation, prompted by a number of troubling events and happenings, has led Hartigan to ruminate on the relative serenity of life in Ireland at this present time.

Sighing, gasping, guffawing and tutting at various intervals, Hartigan reclining at an angle in the good chair as she perches a cup of tea on her lap, remarked that a number of news stories were ‘awful, just awful’ while repeating the fact “wouldn’t you be glad to live in Ireland all the same”.

“Now I know you’re going to bring up Repeal, Ciara, but at least we haven’t guns coming out of our eyeballs, ya know, you’d be glad to be Irish all the same,” the mother of 4 confirmed to her youngest daughter who was watching the news alongside her.

Not content with repeatedly remarking upon the relative safety and security of Ireland at the beginning, middle and end of every news item, Hartigan sought to contextualise each incident for her daughter who had zoned out long ago.

“God, would you look at Spain there, that’s like if Mary Lou planted an Irish flag in the middle of Belfast and said ‘feck this, we’re having it now’. Couldn’t you imagine the scenes? Oh Jesus, look at the police pulling out of your one, she’s the same age as me”.