“Blade Runner 2049 Is A Masterpiece” Confirms Man Who Hasn’t Watched It Yet


THE MUCH anticipated sequel to the well regarded sci-fi movie Blade Runner has been labelled as ‘a triumph’ and ‘a masterpiece’ by one man who has yet to see the film.

Movie buff and all round culture vulture Eamon Deenan has heralded the Ryan Gosling-starring Blade Runner 2049, and claims to have never seen anything like it while also confirming he’s also just never seen it.

“Oh my God, Villeneuve directs it, did you know he did Arrival and Sicario? Deakins cinematography, he did like 50 other deadly movies, this movie is fucking unbelievable,” Deenan hyped to a number of friends on social media, ahead of actual viewing of the money.

“It’s a story for our times, it’s allegorical of something, we’re talking major metaphors and they knocked it out of the park. A masterpiece in my humble opinion,” Deenan further enthused, in what is in no way a bid to be viewed as someone who enjoys high brow end of pop culture more than anyone else.

Deenan is set to spend the latter part of the week reading reviews of the movie online and passing reviewers opinions off as his own in a bid to impress his social circle.

“Dunno how many times I’m going to see this, maybe 10 lol. It’s that good folks, trust me,” Deenan added of a movie he will forget to go and see once the hype dies down.